FCE: Formazione delle parole - 1

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Forma una nuova parola a partire da quella data
in stampatello alla fine di ogni frase.
La frase (0) un esempio

Take-away food in Britain

The fish and chip shop is the most (0) traditional   form of British take-away, a place which sells  TRADITION
(1) scoring hot meals at lunch time and in the evening. However, the last thirty or forty years have  AFFORD
seen the rapid spread of foreign fast food restaurants, and there are now few towns without
Chinese, Indian and Italian restaurants, as well as many other (2) scoring of food.   VARY
Despite the constant (3) scoring , the concept is always the same:   INNOVATE
(4) scoring meals to eat in or take away for clients who don't have the time or energy to cook for   ECONOMY
themselves. Restaurants such as MacDonalds pioneered the idea of fast food to be eaten whilst
sitting down in the restaurant itself, and also developed ways of (5) scoring their customers ate   SURE
(6) scoring and left.   QUICK
Visitors to Britain are advised to try everything at least once, (7) scoring the foods   SPECIAL
which are not common in their own countries. They are also warned not to make (8) scoring with   COMPARE
the food they eat at home; the pizza and pasta which is served in London, is very (9) scoring to be   LIKE
as (10) scoring as the dishes available in Naples or Rome.   TASTE

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