FCE Use of English: part 2 - 2

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Fast food

The concept of 吐ast food is very important in English-speaking countries (0) for   one major reason: the working day starts at around the same time (1) scoring in European countries, but finishes (2) scoring earlier, typically at about five o'clock in (3) scoring evening when the offices, banks and many of the shops begin to close. As a result, there's not much time for lunch, (4) scoring many people bring something from home to eat at their desks, (5) scoring with a cup of tea or instant coffee made with the office kettle, (6) scoring than going out to a restaurant for a 菟roper lunch as do many European office workers, (7) scoring usually finish work much later in the evening.
For (8) scoring who prefer to get out of the office to have a break or (9) scoring fresh air, there are the various fast food options (10) scoring as sandwiches, Cornish pasties, burgers, kebaps, or fish and chips, many of (11) scoring can be eaten 登n the move, (12) scoring even the need to sit down!
Only on special occasions is a British office worker likely to eat lunch in a restaurant. (13) scoring someone's birthday, promotion, engagement or retirement, for example, a group of colleagues will eat together in a pub or restaurant. It is for this reason (14) scoring foreign visitors are often surprised (15) scoring the lack of affordable, good quality, places to have lunch in the major British cities.

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