FCE Correggi l'errore - 1

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Il seguente esercizio ti aiuter con l'esame Cambridge FCE (First Certificate in English), nello specifico con la Part 4 - Use of English.
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Leggi il testo con attenzione e individua l'errore nascosto in ogni riga.
Se la riga corretta, scrivi OK (in STAMPATELLO) nel riquadro alla fine della frase.
Se pensi che una parola sia nel posto sbagliato, scrivila nel riquadro alla fine della frase.
Le frasi 0 e 00 sono degli esempi

The Economic Outlook

The last few decades have been difficult ones for the our country, but after several years (0) the
of positive global economic conditions, things are now looking good for the economy.  (00) OK
There is a high growth and low unemployment so we are getting richer all the time and (1) scoring
most people have jobs. The economy is stable with price and wage inflation are at only 2% and (2) scoring
interest rates which are low, so allowing people to buy their own homes and businesses to (3) scoring
invest cheaply in capital projects. Demand for consumer goods is high, creating good market (4) scoring
conditions for the retail and service sectors. (5) scoring
Many people can believe that the present situation is due to the government痴 strict monetary (6) scoring
policy, and the Central Bank壮 role in controlling inflation. Moreover, taxes have been kept low in (7) scoring
order to stimulate demand, and there is been an extensive policy of privatisation. (8) scoring
Not everything is looking so positive though - our manufacturing and agricultural sectors have (9) scoring
experienced declines last year and are now in recession. There is also a the growing balance of (10) scoring
payments deficit. One of the reasons for this is the exchange rate, our currency is being (11) scoring
particularly strong against those of our competitors this makes exports uncompetitive in terms (12) scoring
of price. In addition to this, prices on the stock exchange have been falling down recently, (13) scoring
creating difficulties for investors, and there is a general shortage of the skilled workers partly (14) scoring
caused by a brain-drain as many of key staff are lured abroad by higher salaries. (15) scoring

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