CAE Use of English: part 2 - 1

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The death of the High Street

It is often the case (0) that   the principal street of an English town or city is called the High Street, and in the past it (1) scoring have been there that people used to meet, do business and go shopping. However, over the last few decades, Britain, (2) scoring other developed countries, has seen 堵iant supermarkets and major new shopping centres springing (3) scoring on the outskirts of urban areas or in locations which are (4) scoring reached by car and which have ample parking. The appearance of these new temples of retailing is (5) scoring the result and the cause of the phenomenon (6) scoring as the 電eath of the High Street, a consequence of the fact that town or city centres had become ever (7) scoring inconvenient both for the retailers themselves and for (8) scoring customers. Once offered an alternative, shoppers and motorists were quick to flock to more modern and better-designed suburban shopping facilities, taking their business with them and so inevitably accelerating the closure of many of the smaller and most traditional shops, (9) scoring as butchers, fishmongers and greengrocers. These (10) scoring then replaced by the ubiquitous 田harity shops, small retail outlets run (11) scoring non-profit organisations selling second-hand items given free by their supporters. These shops occupy (12) scoring were formerly prime locations in the High Street, but may only pay a minimal rent, and are staffed by volunteers to maximise the income (13) scoring the sale of old clothes, shoes, books or ornaments which fill their shelves. In the poorest regions of Britain (14) scoring is not uncommon to find three, four or more charity shops in a small High Street, a situation which is convenient for those who cannot afford to buy new, and for those who benefit (15) scoring the various services provided by the charities, but depressing for residents who remember the lively and prosperous High Streets of the past.

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